Premium audiovisual production and co-production. Marketing and communication for cinema and entertainment. Co-production with Latin America

Purposeful content creation

From script to production. Our goal is to tell stories that transcend and entertain in any format: movies, series, shorts, TV shows, branded content, productions for events and in any other new innovative format.

Executive production

We take care of producing our own or third-party audiovisual content and taking it forward. From pre-production and the search for financing to production and release into the market. You choose the moment when you need our support.

Production and co-production

Not only do we produce, but also co-produce with other production companies, something we love to do, because we understand that the work between two good teams accelerates any project that deserves to be told. Count on us. We are here for you.

Project acceleration and feasibility

We advise you on how to accelerate your project if we fall in love with it and study its opportunities at a local, national and international level.

Networking and sales

Thanks to our extensive network of local and international contacts and partnership with different international networking companies, as well as our relationship with different agents in the industry, we help establish contacts that can give a radical turn to a project. A brief meeting between two people can create great opportunities and make them come true.

Promotion and marketing for entertainment and cinema

A great product always needs a good promotion, both before and after it is released into the market. In our experience, it is not only about creating great stories, but also about generating interest both in the industry and among the general public. How many great films have passed unnoticed by the general public due to not having a good promotion? Many. And that shouldn't happen! Let's make these stories visible and generate prior interest!

Audiovisual innovation

Mixing disciplines and formats, from literature with videos, to films with exhibitions, series with conversations on social media or events, audiovisual innovation is a world of possibilities that can make each audiovisual project a great transmedia product. Explore it with us.

Technical outsourcing

Are you going to shoot in our region and need support? We can happily offer it to you. Our ample contact network of talents in our area means that you can count on top professionals and material, without the need for team travel. We will also lend our support in the production service for any needs that may arise in the shooting process.

Co-branding with brands

Many brands need and are eager to tell good stories because those stories have a good purpose, too. We’ll help you find the brands that have an affinity with those projects. Nowadays, entertainment with a purpose can sell, educate or promote; projects and brands together, more than other disciplines. Whenever you want, we'll tell you!

Representation of professionals

Our approach is on the one hand to help professionals of any background, who can grow as much as possible with their talent, and on the other hand to support them in their negotiations, locally or internationally. Behind a great artist, there must be a knowledgeable expert to help them get more visibility, achieve good projects and fulfil their dreams.