We provide you with the bridge that connects stories that deserve to be told and reality.

CLA CLA films is an independent film and content production company created in 2017 and strengthened in 2022, born in Valencia and which has an adaptable team of professional creators and technicians who come together according to the type of project.

Every project has its needs based on its characteristics. CLA  CLA prides itself on having the leading specialists and talent in the Spanish Mediterranean area to support every content in any of the needs you might have; from creation or co-creation of your own or third party content to technical assistance, launch and promotion, own production or co-production of feature films, short films or documentaries, in their launch and promotion and any other services that a project may need.

We offer you your vehicle and support to bring to life any story that deserves to be told.


The best location in the Spanish Mediterranean

Our location in Valencia is the epicentre for filming, the talent of professionals in the area and our network of contacts and sales make cla-cla films a perfect partner to create or support productions in the area of the Spanish Mediterranean, especially in the Valencian Community, driven by the region’s ambition to become a benchmark operations centre for the Spanish audiovisual industry, while already being quite well-known for filmmaking.


CCla-Cla is part of the association of Valencian producers who, as our partners, support us to cover any need of any type of production that we cannot meet ourselves, although always being under our supervision, supported by our knowledge and responsibility.

Our relationship with other companies such as the business acceleration consultancy Indenet Consulting or the international networking company, Public and Business Affairs Corporate Diplomacy, allows us to accelerate audiovisual projects at a regional, national and international level.